Paediatric First Aid for Schools in London

Paediatric First Aid for Schools in London: The First aid Regulations do not oblige employers to provide first aid for anyone other than their own staff, but employers do have health and safety responsibilities towards non-employees. The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) guidance recommends that organisations, such as schools, which provide a service for others should include them in their risk assessments and provide for them.

In the light of their legal responsibilities for those in their care, schools should consider carefully the likely risks to pupils and visitors, and make allowance for them when drawing up policies and deciding on the numbers of first-aid personnel.


The two courses which are approved by the Health and Safety Executive are:

  • 3 day First aid at Work course (FAW).
  • 1 day Emergency First aid at Work (EFAW).

Paediatric First Aid for Schools in London

Paediatric First aid training is aimed at the age range of 0-8 years of age and there are two main paediatric courses as follows:

  • 1 day Paediatric course – Basic
  • 2 day Paediatric course which meets the requirements for the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS). 

For more information on the Courses please select the link below to access full course details

1 Day Paediatric First Aid Course

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Course


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