First Aid for Schools and Teaching Staff

Paediatric First Aid Training for Schools and Teaching Staff

This paediatric first aid course meets the requirements of the Early Years foundation stage statutory framework.

Paediatric First Aid Training for Schools and Teaching Staff London – This course focuses on emergency scenarios that are faced by professionals, including teachers, Teaching assistants, playgroup leaders, looking after young children.

It meets the requirements for nannies under the Approved Carers Scheme. It can also be used as evidence for employees working towards an NVQ in Childcare and Education.

First Aid for Schools and Teaching Staff

The Paediatric First Aid course covers in detail all the conditions, injuries and medical emergencies which could occur in a childcare setting through a range of practical and theoretical workshops. All our trainers specialise in the emergency care of children and look forward to sharing their experiences with you and your staff to ensure you is confident to dealing with any situation which requires first aid involving children and babies.
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1 Day Paediatric First Aid Course

2 Day Paediatric First Aid Course


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To book any of these Paediatric First Aid Courses or for further details please call us on 0800 774 7034 and speak to one of our training specialists.

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Paediatric First Aid London offer a number of specialised First Aid Courses to all Child Care sectors within the London area.